Biggest Queries about Hysterectomy answered by the Dr. Uday Thanawala

Hysterectomy is one of the commonly performed surgeries, but it is a minor operation. It brings changes in the body, and every woman has a different experience after the surgery.

It is mainly performed for treating endometriosis and fibroids. Uterus Removal Surgery specialists remove the uterus and other parts of the female reproductive system if necessary.

Doctors try to use every other alternative method to avoid the surgery. However, when there is no or a little response to conservative treatment options; it becomes inevitable.

Also, it is recommended in case of cancer or unstoppable bleeding from the uterus. Thus, it is not the first line of treatment.

Thanawala Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Specialist clinic in Vashi Navi, Mumbai treats many such cases every year.

Since it is a big operation, women have several queries and doubts about it. Doctors clarify all the doubts and make the patient comfortable before operating.

According to Dr. Uday Thanawala following questions are most commonly asked by patients.

What changes does Hysterectomy procedure bring?

In general, women experience a significant improvement in the quality of life because it eliminates the severe pain and other symptoms.

Since it is a treatment for noncancerous uterine conditions (in the majority of the cases), there are no complicated post-operative procedures.

Will it impact the sex drive?

Since the brain and not uterus mainly control sexual drive, there is no impact on the sex drive or libido after the surgery.

However, there is a low-libido or loss of sexual desire for a few weeks or months which returns to normal. If it doesn’t happen, then possible solutions can be obtained.

Will it impact the mental health?

After undergoing the Best Hysterectomy Surgery in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, women’s experiences are unique.

Some women get adjusted to the change quickly whereas some take a long time to come back to normal.

However, one thing is common amongst all. The patients feel mentally drained out for a few weeks. There are two reasons behind it. First, the patient feels that she has lost the identity of a woman; the uterus.

Secondly, she feels depressed due to the inability of conceiving. It is more prominent in young women who haven’t started a family yet.

What if I want to have children?

As mentioned earlier, the option of Hysterectomy is chosen only when there is no other choice.

Barring the cases when it becomes an emergency operation, doctors try their best to manage the situation so that pregnancy takes place.

It is not possible to get pregnant after performing this procedure.

It takes some time to overcome the agony of not being able to have biological children.

Doctors convince and counsel the patients and try to boost morale by suggesting alternate methods such as surrogacy or adoption.

If required, then doctors take help from psychologists and emotional counselors.

These are some commonly asked questions about the procedure of Hysterectomy. It is not a comprehensive FAQ. Informative websites and other online material can be accessed for further information.

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